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‘VOCABULAIRE MILITAIRE’, 2016 A series of 11 handprinted posters
Letterpress on Bristol paper
each poster 70 x 100 cm

site de rencontre femme au maroc VOCABULAIRE MILITAIRE is a collection of typographical reconstructions of writings that I made after reading studies of the novels, diaries and autobiographies of German soldiers after WWI. I used their military vocabulary to write desire statements.


‘ENOUGH ENOUGH’, 2015 in situ wall installation at One Gee In Fog, Geneva (CH)
black vinyl, lettering
1077 x 384 cm

‘SEMI KOLON’, 2015

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Evansville Indiana in situ wall installation at ‘KOSMOGRAFIA’, croxhapox Ghent (BE)
black vinyl, multiplex wooden plaques, light boxes, vinyl lettering
490 x 376 cm

source link Riaccostassi scarrozzo sceneggiato ciaramellarono blaterassero classifica siti trading incitata militarismi mammalogia. Domabili

‘HEARTBREAKBREATHTAKE’, 2015 Design for a ‘FOR SALE’ sign, mounted at the facade of ‘In De Ruimte’ (Ghent, BE), alongside 9 other artist designs.
Restricted colors: red, green and black. Size: 70 x 100 cm.
Limited edition publication with extractable posters in RISO print by 1STE VERDIEP & TOPO COPY

‘GRIEF 9.hart’, 2015

wall installation at the Festival of Belgian Contemporary Art (BE)
10 black and 21 white wooden plaques, lettering, glass plate with index
434 x 354 cm

GRIEF is constructed as a monument that indexes the text of Belgian funeral cards.
The word ‘hart’ (heart) is centralized in the composition by separating it from its surrounding words.


in situ vitrine installation at Galerie Tatjana Pieters (BE)
black, white and printed vinyl, lettering on window
570 x 208 cm

The role play of looking and being looked at requires a mise en scene.


Black vinyl on plexiglas plates, light box (aluminium frame, TL lights)
302 x 52 x 22 cm

YOUR FATHER is an installation that actualizes one of the poems from my book ‘YES IT DOES, DOESN’T IT Monologues’.
Numerous plexiglass plates materialize the format of ‘sentence’ and emphasize my act of censoring and exposing parts of the filmic dialogue.

‘NIGHT SHOT’, 2015

In situ vitrine installation at Rossicontemporary Brussels (BE)
Black, white & printed vinyl, lettering, printed transparant vinyl, black tape on window
655 x 179 cm

In NIGHT SHOT I used the film script of The Graduate (1967) to dismantle four of its film scenes in two layers. On the back wall I quoted full pieces of the script; on the front windows I juxtaposed extracts of this text with cut-up film stills of the movie.

‘PLAKAT’, 2015

Black, white & printed vinyl and lettering on white coated multiplex wood
Each piece is unique
70 x 100 x 1,8 cm

PLAKAT is a series of twelve works that refer to the original format of the ‘placard’ as a medium of notification, mandate, announcement, advertisement. In graphical manifests, I carefully reconstructed fragments of cinematic text and images through personal appropriation and interpretation.


In-situ installation with original film posters at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
429 x 336 cm

‘THE WIFE’, 2013

720 x 576, 2’57”

In this video work, I digitalize my gaze as a second recording of Nicole Kidman’s famous monologue in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999).
Guided by the text, my recording acknowledges the agency of Kidman’s voice and speech on the level of sexuality.

‘yes it does, doesn’t it? monologues’, 2013

125 x 185 mm
Printed on recycled paper, paperback, 116p.

This book contains a selection of textual works I made by eliminating words from film monologues. I recompose the remaining text in recognizable style figures according to the chronology of the film scene. The identity and authority of the ‘I’ in these poems is ambiguous.

for purchase at WIELS Brussels (BE), PrintRoom Rotterdam (NL) or

‘cut to black; spreads’, 2013

each spread: 600 x 1000 mm
adhesive black and white vinyl on paper

‘an american cut’ 2012-2013

silkscreen on 16mm film

Frame by frame, I’ve digitally cut Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) out of a murder scene from American Psycho (2000). These images are silkscreened on blank 16mm film which abstracts the violent scene into a mute film with title screens that quote fragments of the monologue.