selected works / info

Jelena Vanoverbeek
°1990 born in Leuven (BE)
Lives and works in Ghent (BE)
0032 496 98 85 65


2011-2014 Master Graphic Arts, School of Arts (KASK), Ghent (BE)
2008-2011 Bachelor Graphic Arts, School of Arts (KASK), Ghent (BE)

solo exhibitions

2019 ALL JAW LIKE A SHEEP’S HEAD, Marquise, Brussels (BE)
2016 VOCABULAIRE MILITAIRE, RossiContemporary Brussels (BE)
2015 SKOOB/SOKBO/BOOKS, one gee in fog, Geneva (CH)
2015 NIGHT SHOT, RossiContemporary Brussels (BE)
2015 PLAKAT, RIOT Ghent (BE)
2013 ‘You must have come here to destroy’, Theater Malpertuis, Tielt (BE)
2013 WE MEN, MAP space, Ghent (BE) (together with Rachel Monosov)

group exhibitions (selected)

2018 Imagination Dead Imagine, Louise Dany, Oslo (NO)
2018 FLIP About Image Construction, Zwarte Zaal, Gent (BE)
2016 The Act Of Staring At The Sun, Project Space NUCLEO, Ghent (BE)
2015 KOSMOGRAFIA, croxhapox, Ghent (BE)
2015 THE ORIGINALS S1E1, Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE)
2014 Overweldigend Gewelddadig | Het Geweld Van De Esthetische Praktijk II, Zwarte Zaal Ghent (BE)
2014 POST SCRIPT, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2013 GRADUATION, School of Arts, Ghent (BE)
2013 Gotta catch ‘em all, Artist Book Fair, Huis Mortier, Gent (BE)
2013 Wild Horses And Trojan Dreams, Marres Centre of Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (NL)
2013 La Vie Mode d’Emploi, Bijlokesite Ghent (BE)
2013 When I Became An Image, TEBEAC Ghent (BE)
2012 La Synchronisation Total, Kunsttoren, Ghent (BE)


2018 INTRO & FASHION CHANNEL, Louise Dany, Oslo (NO)
2013 An American Cut, NEST Ghent (BE)
2013 The Siren, GRADUATION, Ghent (BE)
2013 The Mother, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2013 The Wife, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2013 The Mirror, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2013 The Better Half, Cinema OFFoff Ghent (BE)
2012 Well, Now That We’ve Been Properly Introduced, NEST Ghent (BE)
2012 The Better Half, Cinema OFFOff Ghent (BE)


2013 Stichting Horlait Dapsens (BE)

artist books

2018 Vanoverbeek Jelena, David Dean, ENGLISH SHOP FRONTS From Contemporary Source Books, 1970, 2018
2013 ‘Yes it does, doesn’t it’, Monologues


2017-2018 Advertising Project in De Witte Raaf (nr. 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192)
2014 Artist page in H ART Magazine #130 (04.09.2014)


2018 (01.10.2018 – 30.11.2018)
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wenen (AT)
2017 (01.11.2017 – 31.01.2018)
FLACC, Genk (BE)
2017 (01.01.2017 – 30.06.2017)
WIELS, Brussel (BE)